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Old Comments:

2009-06-14 09:25:19
Amazing planet we live on....Thats rights....
2009-06-14 07:44:23
What an amazing planet we live on. We are lucky to have an event like this happen when a skilled photog is handy.
2009-06-14 06:05:00
When jchip8 posted this it didn't get any comments. hmmmmm, starnge
2009-06-13 16:06:55
It seems thats rights.....
2009-06-13 16:04:02
The photographer took a lot of photos from the time it started acting up to the end. They even had a tourist boat. I wished I knew how to put them all together like humbug does. I would have posted them. I finally deleted them all.
2009-06-13 15:12:24
That lava looks so electric. It's like liquid lightning bolts.
2009-06-13 14:51:29
Thanks skip.....I think that the Photographer Patrick Taschler did a good job....Yes i think the same...Awsome pics....Greetings...Certainly, your pics today are so awsome too....
2009-06-13 14:42:30
Awesome pic jhonnywalk!