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Old Comments:

2010-08-07 03:55:33
I forgot to add this: You wrote " User names.........You should know that a lot better than me." I don't understand that comment at all.
2010-08-07 03:52:29
Vulgar terms are used by Patito and many trolls. No other vulgar terms were used by others using their least that I saw or can recall. I don't recall Poppy or Serb (?) using that word. If she did, then my comment applies to her also. It's no use telling trolls to behave - it's like talking to the wind.. You at least used your username, so I was talking to you, not the wind. Just because others use such terms is never an excuse to do the same. You are not in Patito's league in that he is right in it; you are at the entrance. My concern is that this type of language, started by Patito, will only escalate to the point it will be considered 'normal' language on Pixdaus. I praise Patito for using vulgar language!!!! I have gone after him time after time for using such language. No one else, except trolls, has really criticized Patito's use of vulgar words in such a strong language. I have even given him the nickname 'Potty Mouth' and referred to his language as 'verbal porn'. I can't very well go after him every time he uses such language; I would spend too much time on this site. There is not much else I can do.
2010-08-06 22:10:22
ardycejean, I forgot another attack you made on me under Ludwig’s pic… : “This is a great photo! It is hard to understand why it might be getting voted down. My guess that it is not because of the photo but because of the comments made as Ludwig on a Poppy post. Poppy certainly doesn't play fair!” Is it ‘playing fair’ when you base your accusations on nothing but thin air?
2010-08-06 21:53:35
To Ardycejean/ ardycejean: “If you are truly offended”, you say, in reference to you calling me a ‘bitch’. Does that mean that if I am NOT truly offended but just offended, your usage of the word ‘bitch’ is considered ok. In your comment to Connie you say that I have used the word ‘bitch’ myself. Show me a comment where I have done it! Naturally, I have used the verb ‘to bitch’ (=to complain; grumble) countless times, but to the best of my knowledge I have never called anyone a bitch. You are merely trying to justify your own use of the noun ‘bitch’ (=a woman regarded as malicious, bad-tempered, or aggressive: a term of contempt). Whether you are the first or the thousandth person to use it on Pixdaus makes no difference, the animosity and the intention to hurt me are exactly the same: you used the word contemptuously and no amount of explaining will wash that away. Also, I don’t believe that either Connie or I have ever ‘praised’ Patito for his sometimes colourful language. Again, you are trying to weasel out of your own bad behaviour by counterattacking through false accusations. In regard to your opinion of me, it is not yet clear to me what it is, and I have no idea what has caused you to get so fired up as to start bashing me in the first place. I HAVE BARELY BEEN AWARE OF YOUR EXISTENCE, so I cannot for the life of me understand what it is that you have against me… and you refusal to tell me is strange, to say the least. Give it to me straight, instead of beating around the bush. The first time you made an unfriendly reference to me was in your comment to Ludwig ardycejean at 2010-08-05 09:03:57: “Remember that Poppy, Connie and Patito all have rather weird agendas. It is strange that PictureGirl would chime in here uninvited since she makes such a big deal about others posting controversial comments under her posts.” That had nothing to do with the picture or the comments on the page, and so I called you out on it. You came on the page ‘uninvited’ (your word, not mine), whereas I responded to your comment because you DID ‘invite’ me in by your ‘weird agenda’ statement. Under Ludwig’s pic you wrote to me when I said that the picture in question had been posted at least a dozen times: “Thank you for that Ms self-appointed expert. However, if you do a Pixdaus search you will only come up with one post and that being the one I recently made in June. By the way, don't you have enough enemies already? Are you insisting on making another one with me?” ardycejean at 2010-08-05 09:57:02. The last sentence of that comment is a veiled threat and – sure enough – you have shown your true colours on this page. And now, ardycejean aka Ardycejean, you have chosen to make a very clear threat by saying: “…all that is left for me is to come after you in anyway I can.”
2010-08-06 18:20:59
Poppy, if you are truly offended by the one word that I chose, I apologize for my choice of language. However, not for my opinion of you. And Patito's comments had nothing to do with it. I simply pointed out to Connie how strange it was for her to call me out for a single word used one time and then say nothing to Patito for his endless stream of obscene language on a daily basis.
2010-08-06 18:17:10
User names, tags, etc. are not case sensitive on Pixdaus. You should know that a lot better than me. Bitch is a pretty mild term and besides I am not the first to use it on Pixdaus. It was recently used by a user that called herself "rude bitch" and since that time has been used by quite a few others including Poppy, Serb and Patito in some of his alternate names. Yet, instead of calling any of them out for this, you chose to call me out. Why? What kind of a political agenda are you playing now? And to say that my use of one word one time puts me in the same league as Patito is true nonsense as your dear friend Patito uses far worse language on a daily basis. Instead of calling him out for it you and Poppy praise him for it.
2010-08-06 17:15:14
I'm not sure I'm responding to the same ardycejean, since you have now capitalized Ardycejean. I suspect usernames are not case sensitive. Patito makes a lot of uncalled remarks - many are vulgar and/or insensitive. But, that does not mean it's ok to respond to him or tell others off using the same type of language. It just puts you in the same league.
2010-08-06 15:59:27
Ardycejean: And it made it right to call me a bitch because of what Patito wrote?
2010-08-06 15:55:54
Oh yes Connie, you sweet thing. And you think calling somebody a stinking, loathsome, festuring postule on the ass end of a dead hyena (Patito's comment) is called for.
2010-08-06 15:51:06
I think calling someone a bitch is uncalled for.
2010-08-06 15:45:25
You still have not told me what I am supposed to have done to you... And now you're resorting to calling me names. Well done, shows your true talent.
2010-08-06 15:36:13
The Northern Lights have seen strange sites. But one will be very nice to see. Yes, the cremation of Sam McGee
2010-08-06 15:33:04
Damn right you have stepped on my toes you bitch. Posting to Pixdaus could have been (should have been) an enjoyable experience. However, thanks to you, that cannot be. So all that is left for me is to come after you in anyway I can.
2010-08-06 15:29:48
Wonderful comments like that are going to earn you my undying gratitude as well, dear Patito!
2010-08-06 15:01:22
Well, hello, Ardycejean, nice to see you jumping out of the box again.... I don't know Savannah from Adam/Eve. As to the spelling, Savannah got 'cotton' right the second time, so he/she obviously knew how to write it. And why are you griping about things like that, anyway? Seems to me you have a very personal agenda with me... Hmmmmmm? Stepped on your toes some time or other? Spit it out, why don't you?
2010-08-06 14:41:20
It is quite obvious, Dear Ardycejean, that you are a stinking, loathsome, festering pustule on the ass end of a dead hyena. And so was your mother !
2010-08-06 13:58:35
It is quite obvious dear Poppy, that Savannah is one of your friends. Otherwise, if it had of been me or most others that had posted this photo, instead of the compliment you would have been jumping all over us for the misspelling of "cotton".
2010-08-06 10:50:14
Ah, yes..reminds me of the days of my youth back in Southern Alaska, sittin' on the front porch of the igloo sippin' a mint julep while the Eskimos dragged their cotton sacks up and down the rows, singing those old Eskimo spirituals, with the aroma of cornbread and blackeyed peas wafting from the kitchen where an old Eskimo mammy had some walrus chops sizzling in the skillet...
2010-08-06 10:28:50
I just saw a scene like this in Lapland a couple of weeks ago... magnificent! Great picture, Savannah!