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Old Comments:

2009-04-16 02:33:02
I used the term OMG not too long ago - the first time in my loonng life ;-) I was being sassy. Why I think it could be Cohise is that she sometimes ended her comments with 'yes', and that troll has done that twice. It's an unusual style of writing, except for a French (and other latin languages). We sometime end our sentence with oui (yes) but making it sound like a question. But that is only in conversation usually. Otherwise, I find the comment above is different than Cohise's style, so an attempt was made to change it. I think that Cohise was writing badly on purpose - part of her persona. Fuzzy blue one is right, in that Cohise could write clearly at times. Poppy re your comment that Pixdaus found a way to prevent the trolls from copying our names - that explains why the troll when trying to use patito name, he/she had to use two iis.
2009-04-15 22:54:46
I agree that he could write sensibly, if he so chose, but the grammatical errors were always there. In my real life, I get paid to spot them, but they hit me in the face no matter what I read. A bit of a pain at times...
2009-04-15 22:04:41
I think Cohise intentionally wrote badly sometimes just to play with his victims -Trying to bait them with bad english, since at other times he could write sensibly and make himself understandable.
2009-04-15 15:36:23
Thanks for the tulip tree, Connie, most unusual flowers! Great find. I don't think our new troll is Cohise because, although the style of writing is similar, there's not a grammatical error in sight. Cohise would have dropped a couple of them in three lines. ;-) At least Pixdaus has found a way to prevent the trolls from copying our names, so now they can only write under names resembling ours. I bugged them about that for months... and now have undertaken a crusade about the tagging system. I must be the Least Favourite Person in the eyes of the Pixdaus admin, heh.
2009-04-15 11:57:23
That's really sad when mother nature destroys what she created. Many years ago I heard that a great many of the palm trees in Florida were killed because of an ice storm or some such.
2009-04-15 11:36:12
Actually Monsieur patiito troll (probably aka Cohise), I'm not very popular on this site; I'm too mouthy, so most of my photos get voted down ;-) and some of us do fight with each other - including me. That should please you.
2009-04-15 10:10:59
Hey, you dipshit cocksucker ! How about takin' a flyin' fuck at a rollin' dougnut, you despicable little puddle of puke ! How's that for lovin', carin' and supportin' from a pure soul, you pathetic piece of shit ? Hugs and kisses, bitch !
2009-04-15 08:50:50
OMG such a tight group of loving and caring people always supporting each other and voting for their pics and downvoting the comments of the evil people who make fun of such beautiful and pure souls here on pixdaus who all don't deserve to be made fun of, yes.
2009-04-15 07:00:28
Several feet of sea water, as much as ten or twelve feet in some areas, washed over us last Sept..hell of a mess...some plants are pretty salt-tolerant...hibiscus, pittosporum, most live oaks, indian hawthorne, palms ( except for sago palms, which aren't true palms ), natal plum et al, can take a lickin'and keep on tickin'...but others are killed dead almost immediately , like cedars, podacarpus ( called yew ), loquat, night-blooming jasmine...and, sadly, the tulip trees..lots of magnolias are dead..some show signs of's a waiting game at this point..
2009-04-15 03:27:27
I forgot to ask why they are goners.
2009-04-15 03:26:56
You're right...there are many different varieties of tulip trees. I just posted this one and the African one. I never knew there were such things as tulips trees until I read yours and Poppy's comments. I did not have any in my folders.
2009-04-14 21:22:47
Doesn't look like the one that used to grow in my neighbor's yard, but I don't doubt that there are many types and varieties of tulip afraid most of the ones here along the Gulf Coast, including the one next door, are goners.