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Old Comments:

2010-01-16 15:31:05
Thanks Gabrielle. Repeated pictures? I did a search under tulips, tulip field, tulip fields and nothing came up.
2010-01-16 13:12:51
I found this photo on a forum; unfortunately, there was no information on it. Thanks for the info Gabrielle.
2010-01-12 17:02:52
This photo is by Polish photographer Maciej Duczynski see more of his work as
2010-01-10 17:18:08
Glad to see the rubbish has been removed.
2010-01-09 15:08:52
This is a beautiful picture which I have never seen before so I am grateful to Connie for posting it. I just do not understand why some people try to fill the site with totally irrelevant garbage. Get a life. Repeated pictures are quite new to a lot of people.