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Old Comments:

2011-08-08 08:02:24
Only a pin-headed half-wit would fail to think this photo is funny.
2011-08-08 07:41:29
Is this a good photo? Certainly. Is this the funniest cat photo of the year? Doubtfully. Is this photo deserving of +112 votes? No way. Are patito's cheater votes responsible for most of these +112. Very likely. Why does peasant continue to support patito when obviously he is smart enough to know better? Good question. Will patito use one of his troll names to answer this and call me names with his customary profanity? Very likely, wait and see.
2011-08-08 05:57:45
It doesnt take much to please
2011-08-07 20:36:37
It's the best funny cat pic I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot). I love it. I love this cat, the wink, the hat... It' perfect. ;)
2010-12-25 02:17:25
2010-12-25 00:01:23
Maybe funniest cat pic of the year ! Bravo !
2010-12-24 23:28:18
Tnx Danis. I had to post that eyes when I sow this picture and that red hat , it's hilarious to me... :)
2010-12-24 23:21:09
Very good!! :)