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Old Comments:

2009-12-10 01:58:49
You are welcome Wide eyed, with all this comments you all keep my picture at the top of comment so I'll get some extra votes. We all know that vote system here is a bad joke but who know maybe some user will actually like this picture..
2009-12-10 01:40:16
Please Excuse me "Peasant"
2009-12-10 01:04:45
Furthermore, wide eyed: Why are you bothering Peasant with your drivel? As I said, if you want to report a bug, you report it to Pixdaus.
2009-12-10 00:56:33
Wide eyed: If there's a technical bug, you report it to Pixdaus. They don't read our comments!
2009-12-10 00:54:21
Now that the technical blooper of Pixdaus involves poppy's name, wide eyed crawls out of his hole again. For someone with the name of wide eyed, he does not see too well. Note: Ademir laurindo de m occupies the positions of 74, 75 and 76 on the Top Users' list. Why is that not worth a comment?
2009-12-10 00:50:10
....good idea, El Peon...and you're exactly right..the admin is very well aware of the havoc wrought by the trolls, mega-downvoters and other abusers and early next year when the new Pixdaus is rolled out they will all be history......good riddance to bad rubbish.....and besides, how can one have any kind of meaningfull discussion with people who don't even understand what the words they're using actually mean ? ..... ...these clowns has no earthly idea how ridiculous their comments are....
2009-12-09 22:25:11
Hello Wide eyed. This site have a lot of problem and only Pixdaus can solve it. The bigger chaos troll's create the sooner the will Pixdaus make some changes. So troll's feel free to dig your own grave... Excuse me, I'm not participate in fights here any more....
2009-12-09 22:05:25
Hello peasant Excuse me Note About fraud POPPY Wrong in many fraud. I have noticed that Mrs pictures are too fast to votes? Top users from Pixdaus: 3 poppy 475121 256 poppy latest pics poppy best pics And 4 poppy 475121 256 poppy latest pics poppy best pics Of course, this problem is due to admin error (We are spectators) Do these things to reduce the site value Wed 9 Dec 2009 Admin all this is clear to see if Comments