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Old Comments:

2008-07-07 03:53:47
Ansa io quale galleries secret kellys.
2008-04-14 19:19:01
Agree with TCS, looks a bit suss.. why dig the earth and lay the gutter behind the tree, complete with a narrow strip of asphalt, when you'd just route the gutter around the road side without disturbing anything.
2008-04-14 13:47:00
To Polska w³aœnie... ;)
2008-04-14 07:46:14
You know, it may just be me, but if I was to lay a road I'd plan ahead for this sort of thing. Id be thinking 'Hmmm, there's a tree where we want our road to be. Why don't we divert the road around the tree, instead of straight through it?' I mean, come on, the tree hasn't just 'appeared' overnight, has it? I'd also be thinking 'Hey, why don't we add a pavement/sidewalk to the design, then old women wouldn't have to walk down the middle of the road...'
2008-04-13 21:26:43
That does not sound crazy at all. In the western world we cut down anything in the way of 'progress' until we have nothing left.
2008-04-13 06:27:40
I know it sounds crazy for some you guys, but very old trees are concidered national treasure, and are protected by the state. In this case, the beuro responsible for protecting the nature probably didnt give permission to cut it down.
2008-04-13 03:24:06
Yes it is Poland. The original sign says "Uwaga! Drzewo w jezdni", which means: "Attention! Tree in (on) the road". The name of the town shown in this photo is "Zwierzyniec". It is just where I live. Believe me, it is quite normal in here. It's the neighbourhood of the Roztocze National Park. What's more, the name Zwierzyniec in english means something like "Animal Town".
2008-04-13 02:33:05
If the picture had been *digitally edited* using Photoshop, the sign would read "WARNING: TREE CROSSING."
2008-04-12 23:53:43
Oh, so very Photoshopped...
2008-04-12 23:01:25
looks like poland...
2008-04-12 22:28:26
How long does a tree take to cross a road anyway? Shouldn't someone be supervising it?
2008-04-12 21:43:08
Heh, I like that.. distract drivers at just the wrong moment with a big yellow sign