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Description:Vaser Valley, which measures 50 km from Viseu de Sus to the terminal station Comanu can not compare with any other valley in the Carpathians. It includes a huge wooded area, which until workers camps is not inhabited and the only access is the forest track. Starting from Viseu de Sus the forest, there are approx. 8 km of unpaved road, dotted with houses. The Delta-innovating where rail forms a triangle fork, track branches off to the right a distance of about 7 km to the Valley innovating and left along the Vaser River continues to Comanu bus. The tails, Botizu flour until the Comanu, the railway passes through the spectacular view of the landscape: regions narrow gorge, covered with rocks, valleys lisping, diversified forest cheerful colors, three (!) Short tunnels before Botizu. The meal above the station can visit a chapel built by settlers Austrian dedicated to Princess Elisabeth ("Sissi").