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Description:According to legend, Stone Mountain Rea due to its large pastures was a favorite place for locals to take from spring to autumn "stavele" (studs) of horses. But this heaven of horses was not so quiet. From time to time the bear trying to find an easy prey in the tens or even hundreds of horses on the mountain. But in a bear open chances were slim. So bear usually try to germinate horses over crevasses of the current waterfall routes. This poor little animal had no other choice but to jump into the abyss, so bear with successful. In a dark night, with no visibility and a storm of proportions, the bear came again to choose their prey. Frightened by lightning and suddenly attack the bear, the animals took her to rush directly into the abyss. Some of them escaped but a lot of animals have fallen into the abyss, bear whichever is the words of locals about 15 horses.