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Old Comments:

2009-07-08 17:15:14
Look for the large photo at this link: Concerning the US, the total population is 304 million. The number of cars in the US is about 250 million. Way too many, in my opinion.
2008-07-22 23:31:39
Repost larger! If some of the bimbo pictures can post huge, there must be a way to have this interesting post become readable!
2008-05-23 16:55:12
2008-05-23 00:39:30
Thanks for the external reference. Some of the folks here rarely like this kind of informative image. I admit that I am a junky for these pieces of information. Thanks for posting it.
2008-05-22 20:18:41
Well... a bit strange... how can it be that on the world it is only 400 milions cars ? in only USA it should be more...
2008-05-22 17:18:29
It's not easy to read, sorry