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Posted By:Logan5

Old Comments:

2009-08-08 18:33:54
OK "petey": I wrote 3 comments in the last minutes. Only ONE is under a Logan5 picture. And this cause it stands on first place in the comments-area. I wrote over 70 comments. I also wrote a lot of comments under several "Gotinha" or "zzanigifs" pictures, for example! Am I now Gotinha too?? Please answer, cause I want to know who I really am!!! YOU are "new" here on Pixdaus (0 pictures, just 3 comments) but you know which pictures are duplicates and which are not! So YOU should better write comments under your real name, cause you obviously not new here!!!
2009-08-08 18:15:28
why does burst always answer logan5's mail? logan5 too chicken to write under his own name?
2009-08-08 17:54:56
petey = no pictures, two comments, an offended "duplicate"-crier. What an enrichment for Pixdaus!
2009-08-08 17:46:39
mono lake, duplicate