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Posted By:A Bouts

Old Comments:

2008-12-09 22:38:20
Even one flag sends a picture to the banned section, but the picture still stays in its proper place(s) in the public sections. It takes several flags (I don't know the actual number) by DIFFERENT people to ban it altogether, and if that happens, then you will not see it in ANY public sections, including this comment section. A picture can also disappear from ALL public sections if it gets -9 votes, or it can be removed by a moderator. I would call these One Flag Only occurrences Envy Votes, because it is usually the better pics (of the non-porn/nudie variety) that are given this treatment. ;-)
2008-12-09 11:10:12
Wow really. Is it a glitch or is there a set number of times the "Flag as Inappropriate" gets pressed before it goes away.
2008-12-09 00:42:48
..among today's banned images..