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Old Comments:

2011-05-14 14:13:14
Many thanks for the information about the neck rings, Getting it Right. Very interesting reading and very much appreciated... :)
2011-05-14 10:38:02
These 'neck rings' are worn by the Padaung women in Burma and the South African Ndebele women (somewhat closely related to the Zulu). They are commonly called 'African Neck Rings' even when worn by the Burmese women. The practice of wearing them in Africa has absolutely no connection with the practice in Burma. Padaung women start wearing them at about 5 years old while the Ndebele women usually don't start until after marriage. Both tribes maintain that the elongated necks serve to make the women more attractive, however this has nothing to do with why the practices started. In fact the Ndebele may have started the practice in order to make the women less attractive to the slave traders. The Padaung in Burma have served to bring tourists into the Paduang villages and as a result have become economically important. The Ndebele neck rings are loose rings unattached and, as a result, are more comfortable to wear. The Padaung neck rings are attached to each other and are rigid. It is undoubtedly a Padaung women in this photo.
2011-05-14 04:38:46
I have since found out what these gold coils are called. They have the simple and obvious name.... neck rings. The link said that girls as young as 2 years of age, wear these rings. I think myself, that this is far too young an age to wear the rings. Plus in time, these rings deform the neck and shoulders of whom wear them. I don't think that I would like to go around wearing these things. They look very uncomfortable.... :( As for the key, I'm not too sure why they have to be locked. It doesn't look like they would come off from around the neck in a hurry....
2011-05-14 01:57:34
Why is there a key on that and why do the women need to wear those things ? I'm sorry, I'm not sure what they called...
2011-05-14 01:44:44
Great picture! Only: It shouldn't be tagged "Africa" - since this lady hails from the "Golden Triangle - Thailand-Burma-Laos, She'd hate it in Africa, I'm sure! :)