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Old Comments:

2010-04-17 00:49:16
We were only there a few days, and I don't recall much about the place other than the event desribed above.... Some ports formed a powerful impression on my young memories of Barcelona, Piraeus, Cannes, Naples, Genoa and Venice are strong enough to remember particular details and events...but recollections of other places have sort of faded away.... And it was okay that we lost...we were seriously out-classed but gave 'em a run for their money anyway...we knew we'd been bested, though, when they started taking bites out of their beer glasses...British paras are tough cookies..
2010-04-17 00:43:31
That's the Greeks for you... always kind and hospitable ! Maybe one day you can get to go visit Cyprus... :-) I hope so.
2010-04-17 00:24:40
I have never visit Cyprus PictureGirl, but I know that is a beautiful and rich island and with very hospitable people.
2010-04-16 23:54:09
How long were you there for, Patito ? Sorry you lost your drinking contest...
2010-04-16 23:42:26
Hey..I've been there...a buddy and I got in a drinking contest one time in Famagusta with some Britsh paratroopers...we lost.
2010-04-16 23:29:49
You are very welcome, Danis. It sure looks really beautiful too. Just for interest's sake (hope I put the comma in the right place there), have you ever been to Cyprus, Danis ? My dad was born there, in Kyrenia....
2010-04-16 23:19:12
Thank you Girls!This place is in north Greece and is really beautiful..
2010-04-16 17:22:11
Yes, a very beautiful photo, Danis... :)
2010-04-16 17:15:38
Beautiful rainy day :).. Great picture, Danis!