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Old Comments:

2008-01-28 00:45:46
It was planned by a Hungarian engineer: István Türr, and it is in Greece, the Corinth Canal acrosses the Peloppennesos peninsula from the Continent.
2008-01-21 06:32:52
it is in greece.. i've been there.
2008-01-21 00:22:02
This is the corinth canal in Greece
2008-01-20 22:25:22
for all we know, the ship might be going backwards and is pulling the smaller boat.
2008-01-20 20:23:01
I think you might be a photoshop .. the way the light reflects of your comment is all wrong .. definitely a fake
2008-01-20 20:02:16
No, definitely not, my father was there once, it's somewhere in Greece
2008-01-20 19:26:14