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Old Comments:

2008-04-20 04:26:01
"YOU CANT KEEP ME QUITE !!" First, quite yellinge! Second, did you mean 'you can't quite keep me?' No? Maybe you quite school too soon? Next time, DON'T quite while your a head... Okay, I'm done. I'll quite down for now, but don't let it happen again (I guess I didn't quite get that rite). ;P
2008-04-19 12:22:58
Kill all that come and they will stop coming.
2008-04-18 16:58:59
wow what a jerk! You should learn to allow others to express what they think. Its narrow minded to delete remarks YOU CANT KEEP ME QUITE !!
2008-04-17 22:01:18
StevenK, brave of you to speak such truth. I agree 100%
2008-04-17 22:00:12
hahaha assinine comment but still made me laugh
2008-04-17 16:19:22
yeah - once again Africa and its Africans in plight always seem to captivate people - But once you actually understand the mentality of Africa and its Africans then you may change your mind. In the meantime accept them into your countries so they may erode your beliefs and systems and ultimately destroy your culture. bring on pretty babes and all the nice things.
2008-04-17 05:58:07
surgeons in bikini? ;)
2008-04-17 00:38:16
Amazing photo.
2008-04-17 00:15:51
WOW. When you think about what a lot of Mexicans go through to get across the border - it pales is comparison to these Africans.
2008-04-16 23:13:38
I think if elsewhere than this situation, she'd be rather hot.
2008-04-02 23:58:08
Hey "QuestionMark", don't be an ass. That woman looks like a normal human being.
2008-04-02 22:19:31
Oh yeah and american women are so thin!.
2008-04-02 21:52:59
English women are fat.
2008-04-02 16:51:18
Here's some more info, from BBC: Tourists on a beach in Tenerife have come to the aid of 88 exhausted African migrants - among 205 who reached the Canary Islands on three open boats. The sunbathers helped them with whatever they could provide until police and Red Cross workers arrived. Some tourists drove their off-road vehicles onto La Tejita beach to help migrants who were too weak to walk. More than 11,000 Africans have made the risky voyage to the Canaries this year - double the 2005 total, Spain says. The influx has put enormous strain on the Canaries coastguards, police and rescue workers. Guardia Civil craft escorts migrant boat, 30 July 06 Eight of the migrants who arrived at La Tejita on Sunday were taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia and dehydration, the Red Cross said. Last week four Africans were found dead in a small open boat packed with migrants, intercepted off the Canary Islands. The European Union plans to launch maritime patrols around the Canaries and along the West African coast to help limit the flow of migrants.
2008-04-02 15:35:01
Tourists with surgical gloves? Is this the new trend in beach fashion?
2008-04-02 15:18:31
This pic won the World Press Photo Contest. It's an incredible portrait of the human's contrasts... Anyway, if you want to see only stupid pics about cats in marmalade, I'm sorry, vote me down.