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Old Comments:

2008-05-29 17:45:10
now that takes balls!
2008-05-29 16:47:55
2008-05-28 19:12:24
LOL ...loved your "comma see, comma saw."
2008-05-28 13:45:33
Now, hang on a minute, I'M Just Say -- oh well, whatever -- comma see, comma saw; say lovie...
2008-05-27 21:00:40
i'm just sayin, i've seen it before.
2008-05-27 04:14:43
This is a deja view.
2008-05-27 03:23:48
If ya didn't know a bunch of blokes did this in south africa i think it was done on teh Vaal dam :) They had to get special permission and stuff in was in the pretoria news and everything :) apparently there is a web site that shows some other shots of the same event i think it's or .com but that is probably wrong. If i find the paper i'll up date here :) nice shot either ways