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2009-01-05 11:14:13
In 1957, the former Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in defusing the Suez Crisis through the United Nations. The United Nations Emergency Force was Pearson's creation, and he is considered the father of the modern concept of peacekeeping. That was the role that Canadians were comfortable with. At the request of the US, its army went to Afghanistan, but not as a UN peacekeeping force. I think that was a big mistake. So, perhaps, B.C., Washington & Oregon should form that new nation that is talked about - Cascadia. Dem folks are more mellowed, eh.
2009-01-05 07:55:12
Yessum..pretty fact,I was born way down in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas...if my Momma'd been any further away from Canada when she had me I'd be a Mexican instead of a Texican...but I have to say my contacts with Canadians have left me with a very positive impression of 'em....I believe if most of the folks in the world were as sane and reasonable and non-belligerant and easy to get along with as the average Canadian, the world would be a much more peaceful and mellow place, eh?
2009-01-05 07:46:30
I THINK WHAT THE REAl DEAL IS.... SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE FARHAD AND THEY'VE SET HER UP TO LOOK BAD...SHE... FARHAD HAS BEEN AROUND A WhILE AND IT IS STILL HARD FOR ME TO BELIEVE SHE'S DONE THIS....IT'S A SET UP BY ..OK ..AKA...I DO KNOW WHO you are !!! shame on you !!!And I'm not leaving pixdaus , just didn't want to be involved in this sling 'in story anymore...
2009-01-05 05:45:16
opps you're
2009-01-05 05:44:55
patito, are you sure your not Canadian?
2009-01-04 22:20:31
Good photo of the famous Toronto Minaret, from which the Muezzin calls the faithfull to prayer..of course in Canada they call him the Moosein..
2009-01-04 21:36:20
thank you Reza Poppy
2009-01-04 19:51:43
LILLY, YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS??!!! You cannot leave! We will not allow it. Let the farhads vote their pics up, they do it because no one else does. // I have noticed lots of upvoting on other posters' files also. There have been several 'runs' on mine, too, but I have not done it. So not everything is as it seems, always, although farhad's case appears to be pretty clear. // You are one of the GOOD posters, you always have original and 'different' views to present. Soon there'll be nothing but postcard posters left... // STAY, PLEASE. love, poppy
2009-01-04 18:08:28
Knowing this skyline well, I just confirmed what I expected all along, that this poster edits every photo he posts within an inch of its life. I guess he wishes he could edit reality. BTW, farhad, do you vote for yourself because nobody in real life likes or admires you? Thought so.
2009-01-04 13:04:35
nothing to win...nothing to fight about...
2009-01-04 01:51:44
HOW.... did you get 7,000 votes in 24 hours. all this cheating talk around here has tak'in top discussion, and it seems to be so .... I lost respect for so many of you...WHY ???? for big FUK'IN DEAL...are you children ? top ten ...OOOOOOOOOO.....CHEATS .....who gives a rat ass how long you sit in front of your computer and give your selfs AIR POINTS...I THINK I'VE FIGURE OUT ALL THE ALIS... SHAME ON YOU ALL...ONLY A FEW .... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...BYE...