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Posted By:Shanin

Old Comments:

2011-08-10 22:34:54
There is only one acceptable recipe for eating carp. First you filet the carp and cook on a shingle. When done you throw away the carp and eat the shingle.
2011-08-10 18:01:43
If you're a sports fisherman ( or fisherwoman ) a carp is nothing to brag about. But if you're fishing for something to eat a carp is just fine if the water it comes from isn't too muddy. They do have lots of small bones, but despite that they're consumed enthusiastically in many parts of the world. The ancient Chinese were farming carp five thousand years ago, as did the Romans later on, and carp farming is still widely practiced today. It's true that most of us would rather have a flounder or a red or a speck on the stringer or in the pan, but carp is sure better than a boloney sandwich.
2011-08-10 10:04:44
Top specimen? Around here when we catch a carp, no matter how big, we don't take pictures of it or brag about it. WE THROW IT BACK! This is an undesirable junk fish.