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Old Comments:

2010-06-16 21:08:43
BALOCH1, 277 votes
2010-06-16 18:40:57
It is hard to believe that this upload received 137 votes. I uploaded it 3-1/2 weeks ago just in fun, using 'Feline Poster' as a secondary name. I expected it to get voted down and off pretty quickly, or at best to get a dozen votes. But 137, wow, none of my serious uploads (under my regular name) have even come close. I have very few that have received half of this number. Interestingly, when I first started uploading photos under the pseudonym of 'Feline Poster' all did very good and unexpectedly so. Just 3 weeks later, the photos that I have been uploading also as 'Feline Poster' are not doing especially well (averaging a score of about 10 points), even though they are, in my opinion, far superior to the earlier ones. This information simply supports my contention that the quality of photos is only secondary importance when it comes to the scores received. I am uploading a final photo today, as 'Feline Poster' and will end the charade. Under my more normal user name, I will continue to upload a few more photos, however, for the most part I am waiting to see what happens in the new Pixdaus format--if it ever comes out.
2010-05-23 01:17:38
:)) by ulrike qu big size here: