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Posted By:ademiromano

Old Comments:

2011-01-25 00:29:39
Books stacked conventionally, that is upright on their 'bottoms,' will neither twist nor lean if they are properly shelved. While the system depicted above may be fine for a small private or personal collection, virtually every academic, professional and public library in the world shelves their books side by side, and there is a good reason for that: ease of access.
2011-01-24 15:46:23
You have a point, Librarian, I stack quite a few this way myself, but i have never seen such a large number stored in this manner. I wonder where it is and, like Povre Widwe, I also wonder about the collection of lights (?) near the spiral stair.
2011-01-24 00:55:55
Books standing on their binders are easier to organize checking them in and out. But, they lean and twist on their spines over time. Lying down is far more sensible for the life of a book, just not for the people who would organize them. Seeing this actually makes me happy for the books, let the best gravitate naturally to the top. - The Librarian.
2011-01-23 01:07:26
Curiously, yes. Methinks they are well collected but seldom read. And what is the strange device on the left that resembles some sort of assemblage of globe lights , or perhaps a fan ?
2011-01-22 17:32:42
No never! But aren't they stacked curiously.