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Old Comments:

2008-08-05 02:33:59
naturally your head freezes up, silly, living in an igloo can get chilly.
2008-08-05 01:30:39
...peace to you, too, chum. I do most of my work on the computer as well and when my head freezes up I sneak into Pixdaus to look for a fight to loosen up. Hah. A pox on the stalkers!
2008-08-05 01:16:41
HAH you said "oodles"! i've had much fun with you as well poppy, you have made me smile many times. a pox on the stalkers! i was a bit fed up when i wrote that but Pixdaus is like a black hole, you keep getting sucked in, and my job has me in front of a computer every day and at times i need to run processes so i have no choice but to surf the net so naturally i get sucked into Pixdaus. Oodles! you're a funny bird, poppy. peace to you.
2008-08-05 00:10:22
I thought I recognized your style, fyi: Obnoxious at times, but often hilarious! And when you get really serious, I can sense that you know a lot. I’ve had oodles of fun with you on Pixdaus. You are not leaving us, are you? That sounds like a goodbye note... One stalker is neither here nor there, a pox on him, eh?
2008-08-04 15:31:10
sorry i forgot Artemis, you have consistent good posts, and don't think it's not missed that "Artemis" was the Huntress and had her deer by her side! : )
2008-08-04 15:21:32
you bring a touch of style to this crazy place, poppy. i'm an obnoxious ass but i just have fun. i enjoy your comments, and your postings are consistently lovely. JustSayin, you are consistently witty, as are your comments. right on, whoever you are. Patito, even tho you don't post so much lately; you're always an intelligent voice in the ignorant wilderness but sometimes you need to chill bc when you chill, you're funnier. by the way, yeah it's me, we made a truce. poppy, i wish you well in your igloo. yo Pixds stalker, obsessed downvoter freak, go ahead and stalk me, i really don't care. poppy and patito are cooler than you'll ever be. yeah it's me fyi. (the original). peace out, poppy, patito, JustSayin. peace to you guys, and lilli, and whoever i forgot. Pix stalker, you need to get a girlfriend, your life will change...boy.
2008-08-02 01:31:52
This morning, my comment had -98 votes, now zero. I don't know who has reversed them, but thank you. The Phantom Negative Voter is engaging in a really childish game for no gain.
2008-08-01 11:02:52
The Phantom Negative Voter strikes again!
2008-08-01 04:43:17
This youngster is a six day old foal.
2008-07-30 23:31:54
Thank you, Shortee420, for a nice comment! They are very much in the minority on Pixdaus at the moment, and it is so heartwarming and refreshing to find a comment that makes one smile. Thank you again!
2008-07-30 21:08:57
Aaaawwww we all have awkwardness growing up. Maybe if the grass was taller it would not seem like that. Beautiful pony!