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Old Comments:

2009-05-31 12:56:28
God bless you son, and god bless your father he is a hero forever. USA---USA---USA.
2009-05-25 05:47:04
So what you're saying, Carol, is that you're surrounded by mindless slaves who enjoy having the authority to murder people.
2009-02-20 10:49:54
I am not afraid to say it - I don't disagree with anything you said - you expressed my thoughts so much better than I could express them myself. And as the wife of a Marine, having faced (and 100% supported) his re-enlistment 5 months after 9/11 - knowing he would be going to war after re-enlisting, and as someone who lost a true friend in April 2003 in the beginning of the war in Iraq - I still support the actions of our government. I still believe that we are doing the right thing and we need to stay the course. No our government hasn't been always right - but they aren't always wrong as the media would have you believe. This picture is sad - it's a child grief - regardless of the circumstances, a child lost his father and that is a sad moment that garners respect. My heart goes out to any child that looses a parent - regardless of whether that parent died as a hero, someone in ill health, an unforeseen accident - and my heart grieves even for the child of an enemy combatant who lost a parent - to a child it is a loss that can not be explained. You may not respect the President, You may not respect the US Government, Marines, Soldiers, Sailors or Air Men, but EVERYONE should respect this child. My two cents - take it or leave it.
2009-01-04 05:35:36
All I know is that I feel extremely sorry for this kid. I can't imagine if I had lost my father in war at such a young age.
2008-08-01 16:08:29
Damn, I'm proud to be an American--but I do feel a little guilty at having personally sacrificed so little.
2008-08-01 10:37:57
Bless you and your family Carol
2008-07-31 14:29:24
> As for the boy and his father, well, shit >happens. People die every day. More people die >every day from drinking and driving than from >iraqi combat. Yes that is very convenient.
2008-04-08 20:42:53
Who do you think you are fooling when you pad your comment with that many fake votes by reloading the page, Jim?
2008-04-08 11:39:11
This is a heartbreaking photo
2008-04-07 21:51:40
Thanks for photo. It made me to stop and reflect. Thanks "Schumi" for your comment. Blessing to Tony.
2008-04-07 15:44:07
Thank you Jim. These are the reasons my father served 32 yrs, my husband 21 yrs, and my son is currently serving as well, going toward 20 yrs. That is just part of my family. In just these three generations, our family has close to 200 combined yrs. Our young country must be preserved. I do not want my grand daughters wearing a burqa, and I hope hope that someday we will not have to go to war. Oh grand niece is in AFROTC.
2008-04-07 14:44:24
Why do some nations/politicians/people think they have the right to interfere into other peoples' lives? Just because they need something from their territory, have better weapons and enuogh stupid people who follow their orders sheepily? Disgusting!!! Do they also tell their nex-door neighbours what to do if they don't like the way they live? And if they don't change, they return with a gun?
2008-04-07 13:58:45
What a hard pic to look at. I'm with you, bs, to hell with all wars and religions. But some things are worth fighting for, and freedom is one of them. America has a great history of doing so. I know lots of leftie bleeding heart libs will respond to this, but they can only respond bc they are free. And that is fine. I'm not expecting much feedback from folks in China or NKorea. Think about it. We have an entire group of people (radical islamofascits) who want to kill me, my kiddos, and my way of life. What do we do? Sit back and take it? It will only happen "every now and then?" It's unfortunate? No....we fight the enemy. That is why I served for 5 yrs. Free people, including my detractors who will surely send me the expected snarky emails about Bush and war and America is evil, will deep down agree that freedom is every persons' right. I hate war as much as anyone, and I hope that some day wars will be nonexistant because all of the worlds' people are free. I really do. In the meantime, aggressors to freedom must be defeated. Sorry, but that is the reality. I don't like it any more than the bleeding hearts do, but they must consider the alternative. Threats to freedom must be fought, unfortunately. The forefathers of everyone emailing on this site believed in the same. So send me your hate, your jabs, your sarcasm. I can take it. But it is great to be free, and everyone in the world deserves the same. And btw, I love this site and view it everyday. Thanks to everyone for posting such amazing photos. Hope all is well with everyone and their loved ones, jim
2008-04-07 05:10:07
It matters not to the boy that his dad died in an international conflict, it just matters that he's dead. All your using this as an opportunity to mouth your pet propaganda is sickening. What if it was your child? You should go to the head of the line to fight your overlord's battles then. If you died, so what, people die every day; might as well be to carve up the Middle East you fool.
2008-04-07 03:32:14
Hi Wat! You seem to be either one of the sheeple who believes everything their corrupt government tells them, or that you are spouting the lies and disinformation churned out by the official U.S. propaganda machine. Wake up to reality! It is on numerous video recordings and from ex-Iraq veterans admitting that they often shot unarmed civilians in their cars and walking along the streets. The facts are that 'officially'1,196,514 Iraqis have died. But that is a conservative figure. It is more like 1.6 million Iraqis have died. Whatever the total figures are they do not include the million or more who are injured for life. It should be remembered that the U.S. used the equivalent of napalm bombs, vacuum bombs and depleted uranium bombs on defenceless families. So please do not churn out your disinformation ignorance.
2008-04-07 02:52:37
The boy's father didn't go to Iraq to "murder innocent children, women, and men". Infact, many propoganda that is put out about American military forces shooting at civilians have the civilians hold up full rounds that were supposedly shot at them, even though the rounds they hold up are unfired and still in their casings. The people that actually commit the murders are the few (read: VERY FEW) insurgents that were smart enough not to get caught, as well as the Private Military Contractors signed into Iraq paid to kill people such as Blackwater Inc., etc. American Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force are currently doing nothing in the area except stay where they don't want to be and noone wants them to be, the real killers are those around them that want to get them out and take their place to use the power of being an occupational force to take over and massacre the Iraqis. This includes the Sunni militia (trying to kill Shi'ite Muslims), Shi'ite milita (trying to kill Sunni muslims), Al queada (or rather, the one or two ex-al queade memebers who went into hiding), Blackwater Mercenary forces (trying to kill anyone), and Hamas (who hasn't been active anymore, but wants to reestablish the Muslim Caliphate of the 1500's). As for the boy and his father, well, shit happens. People die every day. More people die every day from drinking and driving than from iraqi combat. And the priests? Well, they promote their religion, comfort those around, and spread destruction to those who don't believe. Take it how you want it.
2008-04-06 23:08:07
to hell with all wars and all religions.