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Old Comments:

2008-04-06 03:02:26
And why do you think other people don't notice it? I think they do. At least I haven't had any bad experience there, people live quite in peace together.
2008-04-06 01:35:06
Because one person has taken a photograph of an ad, people notice it? Do you realise how many people use London Underground even in a single day?
2008-04-05 11:55:49
Is everyone now Chinese in London? I didn't realize.
2008-04-05 05:04:34
As you can see some people notice them. :) I would be happy to see similar ones in our unterground.
2008-04-05 03:47:47
Well, there's an annoying ad campaign. There's more characters in it too. The pregnant one that thanks the other one that offers its seat and the one that won't shout on his mobile. If whatever mayoral division is responsible for this campaign really thinks it's they really think people will pay a blind bit of notice to some little characters telling what polite and decent behaviour?