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Old Comments:

2010-05-08 11:57:01
Yes My 'Country Life' farm is on facebook -my windmills grind flour for making the bread
2010-05-06 13:33:45
I guess she may be talking about one of the games she plays in Facebook??!! :P
2010-05-06 12:05:36
Your Country Life farm?
2010-05-06 07:20:23
That windmill looks like one of the mills on my Country Life farm
2010-05-05 16:10:37
No worries, Jujuba. Thanks for doing that too. It's a very interesting way to show the photos off... :)
2010-05-05 16:07:23
It doesn´t matter guys...I just wanted to show the 'technique' :-)
2010-05-05 15:57:46
I voted it up Connie, only by 1 vote though. That's all I'm allowed....
2010-05-05 15:55:09
You´re welcome Connie.
2010-05-05 15:53:29
I voted this photo up 3 votes, and it quickly went down. It's too bad that some folks don't like anything that is different. I love it.
2010-05-05 15:50:58
That's very interesting Jujuba - thanks for all your help. I can now post some photos I had for my desktop that were way too big to post here. Skewed or angled makes for an interesting photo.