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Description:Dear Anne and Mary Anne, ya'll have really hurt my feelings with what you said about my picture of the squirrels Jerry Harrelson shot and that we ate for supper about two weeks ago, 7 of us at my Uncle Sven and Aunt Lena's house. We have all been hunting all our lives and we don't never shoot anything we don't eat. Squirrels are real tasty if youknow how to cook them. And in Ohio there is avg. about 1 squirrel per acre. There are almost 50,000 acres in the state of Ohio so that means there's about 30 million squirrels in Ohio, so it's not like they were some kind of endangered species or something. Ya'll oughta be a little bit more open minded about other people's lives. By the way, the picture is my little one-eyed dog Jessie. Love to you both and no hard feelings I hope, your friend, Chita