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Old Comments:

2009-04-25 02:11:10
Great photoshop ! Like it.
2009-04-25 01:49:20
I love Photoshop. Photos will prove nothing in court anymore.
2008-09-13 23:26:10
I don't mind shopped pics, I actually look forward to seeing them here. Variety is the spice of life.
2008-09-13 23:21:05
Photoshop users, making the world a little more interesting one pic at a time!
2008-09-13 23:20:28
Photoshop users, making the world a little more interesting one pic at a time!
2008-09-13 06:24:43
What do you think about adjusting levels, contrast, saturation? There are a lot of landscapes on here which have had the saturation turned up to 11.
2008-08-21 21:22:45
ha, ha!!!!! what a laugh! The photoshopped guy just pisses me off!!!!
2008-02-06 13:34:00
I think the world we are living in is photoshopped and only bears the few rebels that are aware of this fact. They just didn't want to call that movie "The Photoshop". It didn't sound cool enough....
2008-01-15 06:44:39
that's kind of ironic that Guru spelled "Intelligence" wrong...haha
2008-01-14 14:16:47
90% of the photos on this sight are fake and created using photoshop or a similar program. If you have eyes and the slightest bit of intelligents you can see this. Only the uneducated and gullible would accept these pictures as real. 32a55,,j7a
2008-01-14 10:34:47
Remind you of anyone? Gee, maybe this is fotoshopped, too
2008-01-14 10:24:15
If your assertion is true Leighther, then since 75% or more of the photos on this site are 'shopped, then by your definition they are "misleading". Then why are you here browsing and commenting on a site full of "misleading" photos? Go away and find a nice photo site where no one alters photos (good luck with that, lol).
2008-01-14 09:20:18
I think it's paintbrushed.
2008-01-13 23:13:56
Photographs are usually informative, altering the content of a photo can be very misleading.
2008-01-13 23:05:02
I think this is photoshopped...
2008-01-13 19:28:54
yep .. but still relevant i say ...
2008-01-13 18:00:59
There are good pics and bad pics- that's all that matters, not if they've been 'shopped, cropped or chopped.
2008-01-13 16:11:33
Absolutely priceless gem, great for a laugh! Well done. ^_^ Even IF the images that the numbskull in question tagged as "photoshop" are really photoshopped, it is still irrelevant because since most are photoshopped anyway for many reasons (cropping, colour, tone, noise, etc etc) it doesn't really explain anything. It is as useless as tagging photos as "photo".
2008-01-13 13:22:05
Randall "xkcd" Munroe's work?
2008-01-13 11:06:08
aww thanks man
2008-01-13 10:23:47
photoshopped (couldn't resist it, I think I'll start doing it, it'll be the Pizdaus new trend!)