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Posted By:ademiromano

Old Comments:

2011-03-23 10:10:45
..Romano.. and I hate cowards...
2011-03-23 07:37:29
You are NOT the photographer - cease and desist! Remove this picture AT ONCE or I will slap you silly. You are a thief, crook, charlatan, purveyor of pornography, dishonest fiend, disassembler of false information, rogue, intimidater, deceitful, fornicator, and a fraud. If I have forgotten anything else, please let me know.
2011-03-23 01:20:21
Merci Monsieur :)
2011-03-22 22:44:39
adesso cerco madame
2011-03-22 20:39:13
Ademir, avez-vous le temps de trouver une splendide photo pour rappeler que ce soir la "Europe Race" démarre ? Les drapeaux étaient extras :)