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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-05-14 10:03:55
It is huge because the payload was heavy, The size of any rocket is governed by the payload weight. The last Titan rocket (used as a orbital delivery vehicle) uas launched in 2005.
2008-03-22 23:12:30
That rocket looks *huge* - because it's so old perhaps? Or because it needs to be this size?
2008-03-20 03:01:03
I wonder if this is the ICBM missle/silo museum in Tucson? What an amazing place, to sit in the launch chair and touch the launch button! trully breath takeing.
2008-03-18 22:34:40
Titan is an American ICBM, not a Soviet one. I.e. you got ot upside down. The ICBM in the picture is the one the world was "sequred against" by some Soviet ICBM on the other end of the world. Those ICBMs are the ones your comment might apply to. Not this one.
2008-03-18 21:09:44
Yes, let us all gather round the drum circle and inhale the sacred smoke of the flames of truth and trust... WHATEVER! That ICBM probably secured more peace than all the protest songs in the world.
2008-03-18 20:32:26
Philip, your post is complete drivel. This confirms you as a colossal cunt.
2008-03-18 18:19:51
This epitomizes the mentality of humans on Planet Earth - WAR!!! Until we - you and me and everyone else outside of government and big business, demand the dismantling of all forms and means of the implements of war, then the atrocities such as 9/11, invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, WACO, Ruby Ridge, Vietnam, JFK assassination, invasion of Tibet by China and the hundreds of other subhuman manifestations of international greed will continue. So what are YOU doing to stop it all?