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Old Comments:

2008-08-13 05:11:35
heh, NYC kicked your ass did it axle? you can't hang, don't be bitter.
2008-08-13 01:05:21
nothing. nothing is so good about this pointless, crap photo of Times Square. -
2008-08-12 13:29:41
If he's naked, how do you know he's a cowboy?
2008-05-14 21:21:29
Where's the Naked Cowboy?! Must've been his day off.
2008-05-13 14:40:57
Would be interesting to compare this shot over the years... What a time capsule...
2008-05-13 05:59:49
What's so good about this photo of Times Square?
2008-05-13 05:14:27
NY SUCKS!! oh man what a s$%thole. im not kidding.
2008-05-13 03:10:48
pointless info: that is an Univision news van. Univision is one of the two largest Spanish language tv stations in the USA.