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Old Comments:

2011-03-29 07:31:45
Many thanks Libellule for your kind words. I do appreciate them very much. I'm so sorry that I am not posting pictures anymore, at least until there are some positive changes here on Pixdaus. I still come on here each day and look at the photos being posted. I do miss posting, but it just hasn't been the same to do all of that lately. Apologies, Libellule. Thankyou again for being so kind. You take care as well.... :)
2011-03-29 01:46:55
Mary PG, we miss you, we miss your pictures. It is not good to stay alone with your depression, far away of your Pixdaus friends. Because you have Pixdaus friends. To spend time to look for wonderful pictures, like you use to do, to fill yourself with Beauty of the world, and share it with us is better than to be alone. Please, come back ! And like you use to say: "Take care, Mary !" :)
2011-03-26 01:53:32
damned trolls, damned cowards, damned paranoid and... shit ... damned old pixdaus platform ... Anyw@y, good LUCK robot!
2011-03-09 21:21:19
I'm gonna miss your uploads Robot... But I understand your reasons for leaving this site. I just hope that Pixdaus will finally have a new platform so we all have a decent place to share and enjoy in photos.
2011-03-09 12:49:55
I also feel the same and have joined with Robot and apical meristem. That is why I haven't been posting much lately and joining in with the races each Wednesday and why I haven't commented as much. I made a few innocent comments last week about how to work Google translation and the comments got downvoted. I did not say those comments to wound or hurt people. I was trying to be nice, but when you are nice, you are targeted. I have depression and it does it no good to be in such a hostile atmosphere. I will be sorry Robot to not see your posts. I enjoy them very much. I will miss your pics too, apical meristem. I will also look in at times as I like most of the pics that are being posted. Take care, everyone.... PictureGirl....
2011-03-09 12:24:07
I agree and will join you in departing for greener pastures. This site is infected and the level of hostility is simply appalling. Are the site owners/administrators unaware of the situation, or do the know but simpy not care ?
2011-03-09 11:01:36
So many posters have already left, and I am sure I will not be the last. I no longer like the atmosphere here, too many troublemakers and petty people around. It is not enough just to enjoy the pictures, it is also important to enjoy the people. Those two aspects have to be in balance, and they no longer are. I will look in now and then, and if one fine day I find that the new Pixdaus platform has arrived and installed considerable improvements, I may be lured back. :) Thanks, and best to you all, Robot