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Old Comments:

2009-09-07 15:38:17
Very interesting, Greg. You are a photographer yourself, I presume? As Lilly, the person who posted this picture, is not the photographer, it would not have been correct to do any cropping, but I just experimented with the picture and did exactly as you suggested and - you're right - the shift of focus gives the picture more power. Even the mood changes when there's less light distraction from the left, making the lady more intensive... Well observed, Greg.
2009-09-07 04:12:25
Just a thought- crop off the left window and just trim the right side a bit, just enough to leave a small triangle of light distinguishing the detail between the shadows of the arm and body. it seems that it may give you a smaller, less distracting light source with less attention to the window (drawing the eye to the subject and not the window), balancing the photograph better and bringing the subject closer to the light (making the photo tighter, simpler, and more intimate). It's a great photo and must have been an awesome experience. Just another perspective.