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Old Comments:

2009-01-05 14:26:44
But eibar had posted it TWICE too, there's only 4 of 5 photos in between ;-)) Besides, it's a great pic!
2009-01-05 07:32:32
I totally agree with you. Some people purposely delete the name of the photographer. I, at times, find photos that are not from the photographer's site ie blogs,etc. If I have the name of the photographer, I indicate it. Kevin Walter photoshops what we post and he then reposts it with the changes. I like his work, it requires a certain creativity, but perhaps he should say so.
2009-01-05 04:00:56
Entirely possible, Connie. The Internet is a real jungle and the same pictures circulate all over the place and go through so many 'hands' that the original photo has sometimes been been mutilated... Then there's one Russian photo site where people post pictures that are not their own, and all the good pictures that have been posted on Pixdaus appear there a few minutes after, that's what I would call extreme poaching! We do the work of finding the pics, and they just come here and shop, directly from the Most Popular Today section. How convenient, quick and easy. To get back to this picture, it appears that Farhad already owned up by the "forgive me". // I take my pictures from sites where the photographers themselves post their work and therefore the pictures should be the way the authors intended them to be.
2009-01-05 03:03:46
Perhaps not poppy. While accumulating approx 10,000 I came across many instances where I would see the exact same photo, with or without the name, etc. A photo that I uploaded 'Avenue of the Giants' showed the photographer and web site. Right after I posted it, under 15 mnts, I saw that exact same photo right on top of mine, minus the information - posted by jchip8
2009-01-04 21:33:37
Eibar dear apologized forwanna.
2009-01-04 20:22:19
Poppy hi : Right with you (Forgive me)