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Old Comments:

2010-05-30 03:57:19
Dear Bev Wigney I'm sorry about this Bev, and, no, you are not asking too much. I posted this photo over a year and a half ago - if not two years. At that time, we on Pixdaus, did not realize that we should indicate the name of the photographer and the location. A great many of my uploads were found on blogs, myspace etc, so this one might very well be from a blog. At the time, I thought that any photo found on the web did not have copyrights. We are all aware now of this, so we have to at least indicate the name of the photographer and the location. I have done so for almost a year now.
2010-05-30 03:22:28
This is a copyrighted image which was copied out of my photo gallery without permission and, worse yet, without a link back to my gallery or any attribution as to its source. Here's a link to the page where it was copied from - the copyright notice appears clearly below the image. Photographers work hard to capture such images and then make them available for the enjoyment of others. When someone decides to copy another's work, the very least they should do is to acknowledge the source. Better still, they should ask permission before copying someone else's work. In the above case, a simple click on a link was all it would have taken to email me to ask for permission. Is this really too much to ask?