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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2009-11-02 20:16:08
Thanks for your reply, skip. I'm not into spooky movies at all. Life wasn't meant to be that way. Life was meant to be beautiful, fun, with no suffering, pain, tears and death. If you look at the theme of the Bible, it tells you why we are here in the first place, why the world has gone the way it has, why some people behave badly and what the near future will be like, which is far opposite to what it is today. Life is going to be exquisite then and people will be nice to each other all the time. I love nature, landscapes, animals, trees, flowers, which is why this site attracts me like it does. When you really take a good look at the origins of Halloween, it is rooted in danger, in spirits and demons. It's something I want no part of. All that scene leaves me very cold. I knew that you are female, skip. It's nice to speak to you and other people here too. You are all so lovely to know and friendly also. Thankyou for your very kind words, skip. Hope you have a wonderful day. Again, please take care... :)
2009-11-02 16:25:42
I understand how you feel Mary, to tell you the truth I'm not into the more gruesome stuff either, although I do like a good spooky movie, but I like old one's like Alfred Hitcocks movies, but since I was a kid here in America we always went out for trick or treating and even then I wanted to be a clown or a pricess, ..I'm female in case you didn't was fun as kids to get dressed up in costumes, and ofcorse to get candy. So I was posting halloween pics just to entertain the people who like them, and I was thinking kids might be looking in here too. anyway you take care too Mary, it's nice to have a new friendly person here.
2009-11-02 15:27:18
Yes, isn't he ? Many thanks, skip. I certainly enjoy your pics too. Not too fond though of the Halloween pics that everyone has posted. Here in Australia, we don't take much notice of that. I find it all creepy anyway. Glad we don't observe it here much. Take care, skip.. :)
2009-11-02 15:22:00
He's so cute! I've been enjoying your pics Mary :)