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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-05-07 10:41:41
Free la Corse£¡Free Hawai'i£¡Free Northern Ireland£¡You the stupid Eu and American! Do you think about how angry you would be when Paris was devastated and the treasure of thousand years was robbed and handred of thousand of women was rapped!That's you!All of you, the European.You are the Nazis.You make the tragedies hundred years ago.So that the Nazis killed English and frances a revenge for us. Even you are more sick than them.You are too timid to see the mightiness of China.Till one day,we will conquer all the law and shameless European to watch you like a dog to knee under us. To all the dogs of Eu.
2008-04-18 05:12:54
Tibet will not be free until Chinese Communism falls. The only people in the country who know what is happening are the people making it happen.
2008-04-10 18:38:35
Yes ! Yell 'Free Tibet' and type it in caps everywhere...That'll work..That'll free Tibet..and meanwhile, keep buying all the cheap crap the Chinese sell us.
2008-04-10 15:25:19
Free Tibet!
2008-04-09 22:19:15
yes. free it.
2008-04-09 12:54:56
That is the Potala Palace, Lhasa, capital of Tibet. FREE TIBET FOR THE TIBETAN PEOPLE!!!
2008-04-09 08:31:25
free Tibet!!!