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Old Comments:

2008-08-26 03:07:10
the ground level is quite ordinary, it's the clouds and sky that make it striking--looks like a 17th C Flemish landscape, like van Rusdael.
2008-08-24 09:13:01
Thank you, Joe H. I don't care about the negative voting for myself, but feel sad that the photographers’ good works are not appreciated. Some of us forget that the pictures we post are not ours. Too much politics here, and animosity, not to mention many grudges...
2008-08-24 07:32:46
Well thanks for continuing to post in spite of the negs. Some of us love 'em.
2008-08-22 09:52:32
Thanks, Princess! They recognize it too well, that's why 'they' vote it down. ;-)
2008-08-22 09:48:19
Awesome clouds and sky Poppy. Don't people recognize a superior image when they see one?