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Old Comments:

2009-10-23 23:28:43
Yes Skip, now I remember your remarks on that sign pic... Well, thanks, but I think pics were not that good since some of them didnīt get almost any votes :P
2009-10-23 16:00:54
Yea I would notice if you didn't post too since you're usually here everyday, but I thought you must have read the remarks on that pixdaus voting sign pic, anyway you posted some good pics tonight!
2009-10-23 13:14:18
Thanks Skip :) Well, I guess itīs just beginnerīs luck then ;-) I was just thinking of you some time back...didnīt see you around for a couple of days so was wondering what happened. Youīre usually here every day.
2009-10-23 12:40:06
Great train pic jujuba! you said you don't know trains, and that you sucked at races, you were wrong both times! :)