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Old Comments:

2008-12-20 06:18:34
Lol :)
2008-12-19 08:36:57
Now I known why I came back to pixdaus. It's worth risking getting trojans and pop-ups to get a regular dose of deep down belly laughs on a regular basis. Keep it up fellas.
2008-12-19 03:33:06
Actaully, that's me in the middle, A Bouts on the right, and Just Sayin' on the left at the pixdaus convention last year in New Dehli..Popolov was there too but we'd just sent him off to buy beer so he wasn't in the shot..that's just as well, cause he's a kinda weird lookin' dude....
2008-12-19 03:21:59
Connie, not everyone here deserves diversity... some people think their culture does not have anything that would look bizarre to others...
2008-12-19 02:12:22
The three clowns.