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Old Comments:

2009-02-16 18:30:59
If a downvote also credits a poster's rating, hey, all of you downvoters out there: YOU MIGHT AS WELL VOTE POSITIVE! heh. ;-) I am with Lilly and Skip and have been all along: ratings mean nothing, call them bags of air or BS (as I do), the pictures are why we are here. It is a shame, though, that some types always have a negative attitude about everything and spread their smut, insults, dirt and 'trolldom' all over the place, spoiling it for those of us who just wish to post good pics and have fun in the comments once in a while. Some friendships have been forged here also, and that does not 'sit' well with some types, either...
2009-02-16 13:18:19
I'm very sorry to hear that you are not able to travel lilly. You're right, the point system is ridiculous and meaningless. All we're doing is finding photos on the Internet that belong to a photographer. It doesn't take an intelligence or skill to do that. For me, the use of this site is to share photos that we find on the Internet from good photographers. Also, some of the photos are very educational and informative, and I like that also.
2009-02-16 13:11:14
Hares are not as cute and cuddly as fluffy little rabbits, but they do have a presence ;-)
2009-02-16 13:04:56
There is no benefit on points...there's no grand prize...the point thing is ridiculous ...WHO CARES... so many make a big deal out of it all...cheating == OOOOOh===reposting someone else photo...===OOOOOOh=== 99 % are some one else's photo...I'm in it to see the world i'll never see , that's why i'm here...Points are just bags of AIR .....
2009-02-16 13:03:47
Nice rabit...
2009-02-16 13:02:19
I don't know blank. I think 'conniie' is another poster, and I suspect who it is ;-)
2009-02-16 13:00:46
Ahhhhh.... That might explain the massive posters.
2009-02-16 12:53:01
Ok connie, I was being a little sarcastic and trying to be funny, what I meant was at the top of your page there is the word (Top) if you click on it , it shows you who the top posters are, but what it means by "Top Posters" is going by how many pictures a person has posted, not the quality of the pics. I noticed this a long time ago, because one particular poster was being voted down all the time, but still rose up higher and higher on the list. I am not saying the top posters are putting up bad pictures, because alot of them are very good, but the fact remains that you can rise up on the list with or without positive votes.
2009-02-16 12:46:11
Hello Ms or Mr conniie. Are you my very own troll? I've never had one before - I'm honoured! What happens next? ;-)
2009-02-16 12:38:33
2009-02-16 12:38:24
not so fast
2009-02-16 12:29:12
It's a strange set up connie, if you post enough pictures whether they are good or bad you can end up on the top of the list and then you recieve the magic keys to the pixdaus kingdom : ) you can post pictures of stale bread or card board boxes and everyone will vote for your pics!
2009-02-16 12:22:21
That is very unfair to other posters who have not yet reached premium user status. I guess some posters and Pixdaus think that status is worth a fortune. You're right skip, to get points when someone votes us down is REALLY bizarre - but quite funny. What is the benefit of getting a high rating? I become world famous...I get an award...what? ;-)
2009-02-16 12:11:43
The strangest thing to me is that we get points every time someone votes us down, now that's bizarre!
2009-02-16 11:59:20
every comment...even... :-) on others photos...logging on ???...adding a photo...glad to hear your on the right path...what people won't do ...
2009-02-16 11:50:00
By 'it' I meant my username 'Connie'. Am I understanding right that everytime I make a comment on someone's phot I get a point? If so, how bizarre!
2009-02-16 10:21:32
Well, of course you could access your file the same as anyone else, you just could not post under Connie's nick for a while. The rating would go up each time someone voted for Connie's pics, regardless. The rating is composed of the votes for the pics and the points for posting the pics and making comments.
2009-02-16 09:28:25
Yup, I'm legit. It was interesting to note that my rating went from 12619 to 12634 while I could no longer access it. I don't even know what 'Ratings' is for. Do you?
2009-02-16 07:40:48
Well done, Connie! Are you now all legit, registered, and ready to start posting pics again? I hope so. ;-)