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Old Comments:

2009-05-14 08:38:15
Great pics man.....
2009-05-14 01:55:22
Correction: This is not by Margaret Clough. This is from Mimi Ditchie.
2009-05-13 12:44:20
Definitely a winner!
2009-05-13 12:41:28
I think this is another Margaret Clough photo. There was a note saying it was very difficult to get this shot and had to use a long lens.
2009-05-13 12:35:26
I forgot to add that I also have a photo of a whole bunch of monarch butterflies, but not as superb as this one.
2009-05-13 12:34:12
THAT IS A SUPERB PHOTO!!! It almost looks like a flowering tree drooping with flowers. A+ for this one jacksparrow.