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Old Comments:

2009-01-11 16:40:05
2008-12-16 08:48:33
Wow! What else can I say?
2008-07-31 18:18:50
Very impressive considering how few tools paint has to work with. That's real dedication to a goal there! I wish MS would come out with a beefed up version of mspaint. MS image composer has some good effects but the program is a pain to use.
2008-07-31 02:23:07
hey man, that's A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! ! !
2008-02-20 02:20:02
There are no gondolas in Sankt Petersburg. Yes, it looks like Venice. But in reality the water is not so blue.
2008-02-20 01:32:43
Ummagumma. Its the view from the Rialto in Venice.
2008-02-19 22:07:32
p-pp-ppaint? no.. layers??? *dies*
2008-02-19 22:06:07
No way! Was it really made in Paint? Looks like a real photo!!! HAHAHAHAHA :P
2008-02-19 14:45:25
pah! definately photoshopped! ;)
2008-02-19 11:01:28
It's either Venice or Sankt Petersburg... Which one is it?
2008-02-19 10:42:36
Frankly, it may be a cool achievement, but it looks kind of over-processed.
2008-02-19 09:25:07
I think I get it.. : )
2008-02-19 09:17:27
If your friend painted this and you posted it then it gets my vote... :)
2008-02-19 07:59:19
"My friend did it. I'm posting on his behalf." Hey SB - you forgot the smiley!
2008-02-19 07:42:34
I have just seen this pic with 70 votes, so it is reposted
2008-02-19 07:21:39
2008-02-19 07:20:48
My friend did it. I'm posting on his behalf.
2008-02-19 07:19:44
I canĀ“t believe it... You must be the Paint God.