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Old Comments:

2010-09-16 09:41:47
Chupacabra is right ! This is not only stupid but silly. This silliness must stop ! To many people are having too much fun here, and we are sick and tired of it ! If you cannot post serious,sober and somber photos here, then do not post anything at all !
2010-09-16 09:33:39
Leave it to Connie, to make a comment like this in support of a very stupid post by her friend patito. Of course she is going to claim that this wasn't a patito post at all and that it was done by an enemy of patito to make him look bad. If she really thought that, however, why would she make the previous comment?
2010-09-16 05:35:39
I agree - enough of this laughter and joy. The tears must start to flow and the whining commence...immediately - I demand it.