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Old Comments:

2011-10-27 11:24:06
Just in case 'Amazing' is serious, here's an explanation: Pixdaus has 18+ sections that have nudes and erotics but you have to be a premium member to see them. :)
2011-10-27 09:35:25
You have too much spare time, haven't you?
2011-10-27 08:52:28
I found pages of this picture being upvoted in the 'Recently Upvoted' section. I think someone was trying to give a signal by upvoted them all or this is just plain strange. The list shows who posted and how many times each person posted the same picture ademir laurindo: 3x alicepic: 2x Anderoido: 7x aphrodite: 3x baabaabooee: 1x casaubon: 1x cozmo: 10x denman99: 9x Dijerida: 5x mirco.rossi: 3x Observer: 3x oilynight: 3x OU812: 9x Pic: 3x SCY: 1x viktor: 1x 3x xxmagnum: 4x zzanigifs: 1x I noted that the more a person posted the bigger their votes were. Weird!