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Old Comments:

2009-08-05 06:13:01
too awful..take it out of here. No place for this photo.
2009-08-05 05:45:19
Thanks, Patito, I just wasn't up to straightening him on that one! ;-)
2009-08-05 05:35:18
One more thing, Zog...'TO' is a preposition, usually used to introduce a noun, as in 'we went TO town' or 'she goes TO school'...'TOO' is an adverb, and means 'also' or 'to a greater extent' as in "I'm happy TOO' or 'the room is TOO small' or 'the photo is TOO cute' ..
2009-08-05 04:16:51
Yes it is, but we've seen it 20 times.