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Old Comments:

2009-11-27 09:41:16
Premium users are certainly allowed to downvote. However, for well over a year now, premium users (I am also a premium user) have accused trolls and the in-and-out visitors to the site of doing massive downvoting. I strongly believe that the majority of massive downvoting and targeting a particular person are from premium users. When a Premium User votes up or down - it's an instant 3. While still on site, I have seen votes go down by 3 instantly. I also believe that some premium users vote under different names.
2009-11-27 09:30:41
Thanking God for a bontiful harvest is ancient and is celebrated all over the world on different dates. However, I do not know what name they use for that day nor when they celebrate. If the above countries you quoted peasant celebrate Thanksgiving also on 26 November (like the Americans), why don't you find some photos to post, and lets wish them good cheers.
2009-11-27 09:24:39
Celebrating the harvest is all over the world, but the customs are different everywhere. Thanksgiving Day (the actual name) with turkey and all the trimmings is known only in the United States and Canada. It started with the Pilgrims in New England (eastern US) giving thanks for a bontiful harvest. It would be nice to know how other countries celebrate the harvest and when. Anyone outside North America want to share their celebration?
2009-11-27 09:15:23
I was going to post the following photos for the American Thanksgiving: one photo is of the First Thanksgiving with Pilgrims, another is of The Thanksgiving Dinner, and another the American Flag reflection in raindrops. Patito beat me to it with the first two. The American flag represent the American Thanksgiving which is today...26 November. The Canadian Thanksgiving (me) was in October.
2009-11-27 01:47:39
But...harvest festivals, which is essentially what our Thanksgiving is, are probably as old as agriculture..most societies in which the primary means of subsistence is farming have some kind of celebration when the crops are in...for that matter, farming is the basis on which all civilizations rest, ancient and modern...everyone should be thankfull for a good harvest...
2009-11-27 01:35:45
I've check it out and here's the result. Today 26.11. is holiday in: Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,Turkey, Yemen and USA. Look's like tanksgivig day is celebrated only in USA.
2009-11-27 00:52:26
Don't know about the rest of the world but here in Croatia it's just another working day.
2009-11-27 00:45:34
Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world isnt it? Not just in the U.S.? - Its Still a good pic
2009-11-27 00:26:52
It's USA flag reflected trough raindrops. Not easy to see at once. Photo taken at some parade or something similar.
2009-11-27 00:07:00
What has this pic got to do with Happy Thanksgiving? Its just a nice picture of reflections through raindrops. Its not a turkey or even a reflection of a turkey - although that might have been kinda clever -
2009-11-26 20:44:13
Oh my God! It's a PREMIUM USER who's voting one of your pictures down!! What could we do? Call the cops?? Is a premium user not allowed to vote these annoying "Happy Thanksgiving Everybody" down?
2009-11-26 20:15:20
It was -11 when it disappeared the second time. Now, it went -3 in one swoop, so it's a premium user who's stalking me. Spooky!
2009-11-26 19:57:41
Oh did they vote your pic down? Perhaps they had enough of all these "Happy thanksgiving" crap!!