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Old Comments:

2009-11-12 20:04:52
with pleasure to you too...i'm glad i succeeded :)
2009-11-12 09:26:33
Hi WitchGirl, I didn't have time to comment this morning, but this pic really made my day, thanks! :)
2009-11-12 05:24:35
:) with pleasure, Poppy! I thought it's a beautiful pic to start the day with..altough i don't know what time is where you two live. I posted in the it's 8:30 pm in Romania..:)
2009-11-12 05:00:54
Thanks, WitchGirl! Lovely pic! The flowers are Anemone nemorosa. The southern part of my country is covered with these flowers, but they can survive surprisingly high up if transplanted. They bloom around Mother's Day, which is why children present huge bouquets of them to their Moms...