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Old Comments:

2008-09-18 12:27:59
eso, dedicate a hacer lo que decis gil y subi algo mejor
2008-07-12 10:49:47
jchip8 King of the Reposts
2008-04-16 14:58:44
But it's not, it's Kazakhstan!
2008-03-26 00:57:03
The Pizdaus kitties site!
2008-03-14 23:10:31
it's simple if i like it, i vote + if i don't like it, i vote - if i see the same pic multiple times, i vote -1 if i don't care, i don't vote at all i really don't take into account remarks from people who don't post pics.
2008-03-14 22:16:24
Maybe they should actually divide subject matters out rather than tossing them into one big pile. It would allow people who hate certain pics to avoid them. That and add a script to check for or prevent reposts.
2008-03-14 17:48:06
Yea good suggestion, seeing lion/tiger is ok, but seeing like 10of them in one page is just retarded
2008-03-14 10:38:19
good suggestions
2008-03-14 09:45:09
Create a pizdaus II for reposts
2008-03-14 08:55:29
Yeah, they really need to either put a limit or create a second Pixdaus for random, candid photos.
2008-03-14 07:33:44
And you should go fuck yourself!