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Old Comments:

2008-06-14 14:13:54
Good for you, bull! So glad the poor animal got a good hit. I agree with everyone above who hates this bloodsport. It's not "tradition", it's primitive as anything that happened in the coliseum. They should at least open one of the matador's veins or mace him before the fight so they're more evenly matched.
2008-03-16 21:29:05
Serves him right; matadors should be pepper sprayed before going out there to even things up a bit.
2008-02-06 13:25:29
You are all wrong. Can't you see the concentrated look on the face of that man? This guy has a penis as hard as steel. In combination with the bull's horn (and strength) he uses it as a leverage to pull off a stunt in which jumps over the bull, sticking one of his sticks right into the back of the bull, making him die instantly. This guy is crazy!
2008-01-29 18:21:03
Since it already happened to him, I hope that he was an asshole towards females before that.
2008-01-20 22:44:36
But does anyone care if it's a tradition? According to that logic, everything is permissible if it's a "tradition". "Bullfighting a tradition"... My ass.
2008-01-13 05:25:22
2007-12-31 08:58:19
Since when are there female matadors? Oh wait, there aren't. Until now.
2007-12-30 12:40:22
It always makes my day when one of these sadists gets a taste of his/her own medicine. Same with rodeos.
2007-12-30 12:15:35
I know it's a centuries old tradition but I still have to root for the bull
2007-12-30 12:08:35
2007-12-30 10:58:56
Oh the poor little intellectual dwarf just got gored in the nads by the fellow mammal he is torturing, that /is/ sad. There are fleeting moment of justice which must be enjoyed. With luck this will be a small step of Darwinian progress.
2007-12-30 09:46:14
xDDD So funny, stupid bullfighters, they deserve
2007-12-30 09:40:00
Notice those nasty things sticking out of the bull's side? Hooray for the bull is right!
2007-12-30 09:36:07
Hooray for the bull!!! This "sport" should be banned!!!
2007-12-30 08:45:42
painful game aswell
2007-12-30 08:12:49
Good game!