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Old Comments:

2009-08-13 05:01:01
It doesn't say only white people are racists.
2009-05-04 19:18:08
Oh, yes, that's right, only white people are racist; yeah.....right
2009-02-14 22:23:23
I don't know anything about the history or population sequences in the rest of the country, but when the first Europeans arrived in East Texas they found Caddoan peoples living there whose ancestors had been farming those river valleys for at least a thousand years. First the Spaniards introduced diseases that decimated those people, then my ancestors came along and either killed or ran off the rest of 'em. So when some folks finally come along and run us off it may be slow marchin' and sad music as far as we're concerned, but what goes around comes around.
2009-02-14 20:44:48
the man on the rigth would say: Go back to england where you came from! becuse he is native american.
2008-11-20 15:26:40
Now u go back to the hell u came from (poor euro under the Christians cruelty that didn't even let the science grow up ) the BAS**** White.
2008-11-15 08:35:56
You all fail to realize that your opinions amount to didely shit no one cares. I am living proof of that! I have posted picture after meaningless picture on this rotten website and made many enlightening comments for all you fools, and what is the thanks I get 0 !!!
2008-11-15 08:29:45
Go back to being a poopsock?
2008-08-05 14:48:59
No, go back to Indiana...
2008-08-05 03:55:21
no, japanese...the point is that the last guy is Native American and the White guy is...well...get it?
2008-08-05 03:39:38
absolutely hilarious! so very true though.
2008-07-30 00:41:43
I think... the right side man isn't said GO BACKœœ!! by white man because white man can't find out his race. This thought is correct? Well,this picture has joke and satirical expression?
2008-07-30 00:32:49
LOL, you said "pap"
2008-07-29 02:42:58
2008-07-28 22:00:19
don't worry Bl., no one cares
2008-07-28 21:19:03
Go back to INDIA?
2008-07-28 20:43:03
I had a friend in the Navy that had problems with this, bigots commenting for him to go back to Mexico. Only problem was he wasn't Mexican; he was born in the US and had European and Native American ancestry. Of course he didn't have this problem when wearing his military uniform, because a redneck's love for organized violence tends to override their bigotry. Wow, I've been harsh lately.
2008-07-28 10:26:47
Crude leftist pap.